There is purpose.
there is meaning .
There is hope.

A Journal For The Journey.

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Caught Under Stress? Here Are 4 Ways To Come Up For Air

Unfortunately, I would loose myself so much in work, that I would forget to take care of myself. One day I’d had simply had enough. After a long cry from the stress and overwhelm ( I had to get it out somehow) I sat down and wrote out what I needed to do to feel rejuvenated and revived.

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Village Visits + 3 Ways To Develop an Enviable Free Spirit

I ran, I danced, I sang at the top of my lungs. This was my mother’s village and I was home! I had never visited. I had never touched the ground where my ancestors were buried. No light, barely any water to bathe, but I ran around and greeted elders, played with kids and rolled in the grass like I had just drank 25 red-bulls…

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Protein Shakes & Debbie Cakes: 5 Ways To Sustain Joy

Joy is like a protein shake. it leaves you fuller, stronger and nourished the body. Happiness is like a little Debbie cake, great for quick moments but will leave you craving every sweet thing under the sun and trust me I’ve been there. Its usually in these moments where we must make the choice between Debbie cakes and protein-shakes that are the hardest.

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