• Motivational Speaker

    Eseosa electrifies audiences with her witty sense of humor, weaving personal stories into her talks with dynamic energy that not only entertains but also encourages growth and inspires action.

  • Confidence Coach

    As a trusted licensed confidence life coach, Eseosa is dedicated to helping individuals overcome self-doubt, unlock their potential, and step into their greatness with courage.

  • Podcast Host

    Explore how faith and entrepreneurship collide, learn to supercharge your faith, and hear wonderful stories of transformation. Join in on the discussion with powerful topics and guests on the FaithFueled Pod.

  • Entrepreneur

    Eseosa Eke is a dynamic faith-driven entrepreneur, trailblazing branding and technology with a vision that goes beyond profit to positively impact communities and empower individuals.

  • Philanthropist

    As a compassionate philanthropist, Eseosa is passionate about making a positive impact in her community and beyond. Through her generosity and commitment to social causes, she uplifts and empowers those in need.

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Your Confidence Building Journey Starts Here​

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to master confidence. Because confidence isn’t something you’re born with; it’s learned and developed into a habit.

If I can help fellow entrepreneurs unlock this critical skill, then I’ll have fulfilled my purpose and honored my creator.

What You’ll Always Get From Me

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This Is My Story

From Chaos to Confidence

My journey from corporate trauma to entrepreneurial success was one filled with chaos and anxiety. I never anticipated how terrifying it would be to speak in front of clients, set my value, and present my work until I experienced the worst panic attack of my life. It was in that moment of desperation that I turned to God for guidance. Through His grace and the invaluable lessons learned along the way, I conquered imposter syndrome and gained the confidence I needed to move forward. Now, as a licensed confidence coach whose work is rooted in faith, I’m passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs imposter syndrome, build confidence, and use faith mastery to drive their success forward.


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