Protein ShakeS & Debbie Cakes

5 Ways to Sustain Your Joy

Joy is like a protein shake. it leaves you fuller, stronger and nourishes the body. Happiness is like a Little Debbie cake, great for quick moments but will leave you craving for even more sweets. It’s usually in these moments where we must make the choice between Debbie Cakes and protein shakes that are the hardest. I’m not saying that the quick fixes or material things we want don’t matter, heck I’d shop at Saks everyday if I could but we really must dissect where these desires come from and if they truly create joy for us or just small moments of temporary happiness. 

Deep down inside we must examine the driving factor of our decisions. Do you like the Prada bag because YOU think it looks good with your outfit or because you want people to say “I like your bag”. Sometimes our motivations for happiness are externally motivated and this is why we must be more focused on joy. The joy I’m taking about is a sustainable force that even in moments where we can’t afford the Prada bag, the Debbie cakes or even the protein shakes, we are simply grateful to be alive. Where we are simply grateful for our journey; where we are content in the here and now and to be in this moment of creativity. We can still go beast mode in our work and appreciate the downtime we need. We can relish our rest and also enJOY the simple things. So here are some ways to sustain joy on this entrepreneurship journey
Create Unbreakable Habits

A routine, no matter what it is a commitment to yourself. Find 2-3 things to do in your day that keep you learning, moving and spiritual. Learning- find books, podcasts, shows or videos that encourage your skills and talents. Move- go for walks, workout or put on headphones and just dance . Spirit- meditate, pray or get counseling from a therapist or advisor
Show Up For Yourself First

Take a firm stance on deciding who has access to you 24/7. Set your phone to do not disturb with emergency only, take a break from showing up to every event, say no to places that make you uncomfortable, leave early – do the needful if it means you wont resent someone for taking up your time, energy or if you will be too exhausted to do anything else for yourself.
Choose Internal Silence Over External Angst

Look to the peace within for comfort. Every conflict isn’t yours to engage in, every battle isn’t yours to fight. Everything on the news isn’t meant to be responded to with anger. It’s not insensitive to control what you dedicate your anger to. Choose peace every time.
Engage Your Temple

Your body is the temple of your business. When you sleep well, your brain activity can work through that course at a faster rate. If you exercise, you’ll have more energy to write that proposal. If you mediate, that email will sound less aggressive. Everything you do in the physical, will show up in your business behavior. Consume sunlight, water, whole foods and don’t forget to breathe
Practice Gratefulness

Choosing entrepreneurship doesn’t mean just focusing on the struggle and setbacks. Take a longer look at the things you don’t lack. Do you have a roof over your head? A car to drive? clean water? These are things we take for granted but if we open up our eyes to whats around us, we’ll appreciate it and awaken 

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Eseosa Eke is a brand strategist, confidence coach and UX designer based in New York City. Visit to learn more.